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A BLACK day for the Internet and Denmark

October 26th, 2006 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | I think | WEB

On the 25th October the Danish court ruled that the Internet Provide Tele2 shall block access to the Russian website Allofmp3, so now even in Denmark the courts can tell what we as citizens should be able to access. I do know that some people might mean that Allofmp3 is not providing the service legally, that Allofmp3 is not paying the royalties to the artists as is should be, but it seems that its legal by Russian law…

Legal or not, Denmark is NOW doing censorship, telling us Danes what we can access on the Internet – how can these people behind that action, the judge, IFPI, the lawyers of IFPI and the chairman of IFPI Jens-Otto Paludan ever think of Denmark as a democracy with no cersorship again… in my naive mind I thought things like that only happened in China and I found Google weak when they accepted China’s restrictions and censorship… but it seems that it happens by the same logic – if you cant force (or get) another country to close down a site or alter the content to what you find right, then you just ban the access for all the citizens in your country… Shame on you, KIDS!

News flash: I do still have access….

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