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Tom Dane show and blind friends and journalists

November 16th, 2006 | Posted by Niels Klintø in FUN | I think | Travel

This gotta be a JOKE!
Went with some friends and colleagues to the Tom Dane (Thomas Eje) show yesterday – we were at the WebMaster conference in Vegas anyway – and damn that show was bad….
The small site was sort of sold out and it was FULL of Danes at 50+….rumours says a lot just flew in for that show at a Casino NOT on the strip… that was amazing…
Anyway Tom did play a lot of instuments and he did seems to be enjoying him selves, but it was NOT Vegas standard (not even a remote Casino in Vegas standard) – and Kim even caught him stealing jokes from Eddie Murphy and Danish comedians (Finn og jakob), that sucks…  so it was a BIG suprise to read in a local Danish newspaper BT, that Tom did take Vegas with storm – WHAt???  you gotta be kiddin – did we attend the same show??
And Tom’s friend and colleagues comment ‘the show was just as good as in Denmark’ – that says it ALL!

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