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So proud of my honest friends

November 23rd, 2006 | Posted by Niels Klintø in FUN | Travel

Yes, some of the Danish newspapers might have been just slightly positive biased towards the Tom Dane show, but my friends where just plain honest when a Danish newspaper asked the – guys, I’m proud of you!

Kim Frederiksen, Søren J, Peter Kær and Andreas Backe.

A local journalist do think that Tom Dane will be able to get a job at one of the small casino’s away from the Strip… anyway not just as positive as the Danish journalist telling that good old Tom took Las Vegas with storm…. and regarding the a little more tits and ass, as the local journalist is asking for to meet Vegas standard – yeah, it would have helped Tom to use more than 100 USD… these girls were not hot and their moves were poorly trained… one even fucked up in some of the moves…

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