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Xmas at the family in Jutland

December 21st, 2006 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Family

Now the Xmas eve is soon arriving and tomorrow is the last day at the Addvisors office – Il Doctore K has been preparing Glögg – the raisins has been in dark rum for more than 48 hours…  he’s really a trained PRO!  😉

Today I even maked Risengrød (traditional Danish Xmas food – a rice porridge) at home, which was nice….

Will leave for Jutland Saturday before noon and arrive at my brothers house 3 hours later – Peter has promised to take a look at my teeths…  like he has promised the last couple of year…  funny when you have a dentist in the family, then you go less to the dentist…  😉

Sunday I will pick up my father for the Xmas dinner at Peters house…  and the next 2 days rumours says that my father has maked some plans for us….

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