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Denmark still got a STRONG monopoly protected by the state!

January 15th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in I think

It true… yes, we do have a state protected monopoly in Denmark and we have had it for years… and it wont give up! Does this sound like something in China or former East Europe? anyway its happening in Denmark and it stronger than ever!
I’m talking about the alliance between the Danish state and Danske Spil A/S (Danish gambling and betting) (former TipsTjenesten) – and alliance based on a monopoly made to protect against Compulsive Gambling – not really a bad idea, only one company providing gambling and betting and being sort of controlled by the state, so the amount of offers and advertisement could be controlled (I mean the idea to protect against compulsive gambling is nice.. if possible)…. BUT that never happened! Danske Spil A/S (former TipsTjenesten) has over the last years sprayed new games out and backed it up with a MASSIVE advertisement effort – in fact they are the BIGGEST advertiser in Denmark for several years!
Check out their website full of offers to protect against Compulsive Gambling 😉 (no link for them!)

Did I forget to mention they activities (lawyers) in hunting down any newspaper or website running advertisement for fully legal gambling companies from our fellow EC countries… an activity going on for several years, but fortunately it has been broken – yeah, today Danish newspapers and websites can (or should I say dare – its still illegal in Denmark) advertisement for gambling, but just because the Danish state and Danske Spil A/S for sure will loose the coming cases at the EC court! BUT still NO other Danish companies provides gambling or betting…… who will be the first?

For the record – I’m not especially interested in betting or gambling, but I’m certainly AGAINST ANY kind of state controlled monopoly!

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