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Google Analytics watching….

February 6th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in I think | WEB

Its funny with webstats/tracking..  as soon as you get it implemented you become a junkie of the lastest stats – especieally with an application like Google Analytics (Nope, not paid to write that) because of the sweet features like ‘Geo Map Overlay’, keywords and ‘Visits by Source’…  and you really get surprised by where and what makes your visitors come around…

I installed Google Analytics on my blog (in fact the old version) several months ago… I guess its in fact like a year ago and today my highest provider of visitors for the last week is searches in Google for an Addvisors competition ‘InFlow ApS’ – my old version of my blog ranks on first page in Google on the term ‘InFlow’ just because I was rather pissed last summer when I typed in in my search for the concert ‘Grøn koncert’ and got send to with some affiliate tracing included – that made me write a small part on my blog about it…  just because I was pissed and did find it wrong to do.
Sorry InFlow I dont really spend my time tracking, tracing and writing about my colleagues/competitors in the business (I do find that just as uncharming as misleading users…), but I dont really like the practice of snatching domains either…

Gotta go, got some Google Analytics to look at…  😉

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