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Ultimate East league in Farum in the weekend

February 6th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Sport | Ultimate

Was out seeing some great indoor Ultimate in the weekend – always a pleasure. In fact I planned with my friend Morten Sandorff to meet him and his 2 kids for some Ultimate watching and throwing some discs…

My team Flying Circus managed to win nearly all their games, except the one against Ragnarok Ultimate, who were too strong… and the girls from Flying Circus were winning as always – in fact these girls were a strong number 2 in the famous Vinter Trofeen tournament in Sweden – GRATZ!

Dont disturb, we’re watching Ultimate!
(Morten, Jakob and Linus + ‘grand old man of Disc’ Erik Hammer

KFK vs. Ragnarok

Flying Circus vs. KFK women

Svennie… usually a happy boy…

Lene – I’m to blame for her playing Ultimate… 😉

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