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Bowling at Amager (Lorteøen = Shit Island)

February 25th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Addvisors | Copenhagen

First I would like to state that I REALLY suck when it comes to bowling…  and I do hate anything related to bowling – the bad food at the ‘restaurant’ (thanx god we didnt get it), the crowd (why does Bowling attract white trash?), the game, the Bowling-host (yeah, they had a limping guy with a mike giving shots of alcohol for some stikes and commenting on his ‘homies’ play) and……   beside that we did have fun…  yeah, even I did have fun…

Gotta start with Andreas Backe – our bowling star – doesnt he look happy?

And now the other ‘stars’…

Milter and Danyal

Kim just likes this game!

But Stilbo was better than Kim – guess a Hobbit being close the floor has some advantages there…  😉
A happy Hobbit

Milter and Søren J taking a rest
Martin….  and Daniel just know how to enjoy a smoke…

MP in control of the beer.

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