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Ungdomshuset is being cleaned and brought down!

March 1st, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen

The Danish police moved in at 07.00 this morning (skeaky…) and are now in the process of removing all the activists who stole the house several years ago – the house will now get demolished and the ground will be given back to the rightful owner…. justice as last!
It is certainly a great feeling to know that we do have laws in Denmark and that Nørrebronx will be a even better place to live.

And the media and spectators are ready… and unfortunately also some of the activist, who will search out fights with the police…

Its the (now) ugly house in the middle…

And the fights came
today before noon…  fighting up and down Nørrebrogade…
Its scary seeing people being that aggressive in a peaceful and democratic country like Denmark – and my thoughts really goes to the police men protecting the right of the people in Denmark and make the streets safe.

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