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Riot by criminals/automoms in Copenhagen

March 2nd, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | I think

I do know that I usually do to tell a lot of stories with some kind of ironi or fun behind, this is NOT one of those stories – and this is NO story at ALL!
(and no pictures to document these criminals behavior)
I feel SO violated inside – my deep feelings of right, wrong and fair justice has been violated in a way I have never felt before – in a way I have never felt this so close to me before… and these words will never help me to explain the degree of violation…
But I do promise to myselves that I will NEVER help, work or cooperate with anybody partaking, sympatizing or affilated in this criminal act – there is no business reason behind this, but a deep feeling and believe…

And why do I feel like that?
I was there today – I was a witness to their totally disrespect to the Danish law and life of human beings…

I accuse them of/was witness to:
– burning down containers outsidde Temple Bar to the degree that the Bar had its windows fractured and the guests inside danger and eventually evacuated – I did see the scared people inside and the degree of violence!
– throwing bricks and paint at the police and their cars – its people god damn!
– making the steets unsafe! it took me more than 1 hour to get home…
– kids not older than 15 yo partaking in violence and bringing containers our to the fire – where the FUCK are the parents!??
– 2 2nd generation refugees (yes, thats a way of thanking Denmark) aggressively throwing briks at a Banks windows…. damn, I was scared… I moved back and it took me 1 hour to get home (500 meters) – getting safe around your violence!
– lots of young people on the steets just waiting for the posibilty to caouse havoc or for fights… not because of any kind of support to the house and the cause, but for the sheer like of violence – please do join UFC or PrideFC… and you will get paid…
– and a lot of mid-age supports – damn your for being the willing sheeps of these criminals! You are just as much to blame as the criminals doing the violence!

I’m already by paying my tax supporting you – if the weak politicians ( Ritt and her supports) will keep on supporting you I will make sure I wont partake in this in the future… not a big loose for Denmark (I do know that), but I just wont to be a passive partaker!

Wow… I never felt so angry…. and so violated!
I can only hope for justice……

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