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Only 10% get donated!

March 9th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Addvisors | I think

You have probably, just like me, been getting these calls from companies wating you to buy some candy, tea and pencils ect. where they donate a lot to selected organizations… in the right terms a commercial fundraising company…  but did you know that some of them donate as little as 10% of the sales price? thats not much at all.
Yesterday the TV station TV2 looked at the methods (usually forgetting to tell the percentage) and percentages donated from 2  companies – and – both donated a low 10%…  and even show their nice profit figures on their website and promise never to earn more profit that they donate…  I dont find 1-to-1 as a lot!
Shame on you – and I certainly dont want any more calls from the nice and wellspeaking guy from Make-Help, who always tells me how much it matters for the kids with cancer if my company joins in…. DONT CALL!

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