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Waiting in an airport in Moscow

April 13th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel

Yes, I took the really really monkey class trip…  rather cheap but with a 4 hours stop in Moscow….  and this airport is really in a tough competition with Charles de Gaulle in Paris – what a boring place to be….  even the ‘first class lounge’ is NOT first class, but they do have free old computers with Internet (blogging from one) and free coke ect….  but the food in the ‘restaurants’ is just as crappy as the food in Charles de Gaulle – isnt it ironic that France and Paris with is fine food has one the worst airports when it comes to food, and everything else in that airport….  the airport in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt, has better sandwiches…
Anyway for a 4 hours wait this airport could be worse….  and the trip over here went fine – I booked Aeroflot and got an half empty SAS airplane…  of course with the new SAS policy, you pay for everything…  like 3,5 USD for a Coke…  upside is that you dont have to politely tell them that you dont want their crappy sandwiches…  now you need to buy them, whoever is mad and hungry enough to do that… 😉

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