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Wild Orchid Villa in Bangkok – dont stay there!!!

April 16th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel

Wild Orchid Villa showed Thomas and I the bad side of people yesterday – I cannot recommend to stay at a hotel/restaurant showing that kind of BAD service and attitude!
Yesterday was the last day with LOTS of water and chalk and at Wild Orchid Villa the staff and some friends of theirs was really celebrating spraying water with a water hose, starting already at around 12.00… everybody was having fun and it was certainly a party…
Thomas joined me at 14.30 we got a couple of beers and went around….
Came back to Wild Orchid Villa around 21-22 (I was staying there…) and we got a couple beers more and got invited to join the fun, so some of the local guys gave us some BIG water guns… NICE…
At around 2245 it was just Thomas and I sitting at the wet area and some girl (she turned out to be a psycotic manager of Wild Orchid Villa!!??) came and ask us casually to bring in a 400-600 liter ice cooler… a cooler filled with water used for the splashing of people… we smiled but did nothing.
She came back again and tried to do it herselves and we shot her with just a small spray of water and she went balistic!!! Slapping Thomas in the face, being held back by her collegues, but even managed to throw 2 rather big water guns at Thomas…. Great managers they have at Wild Orchid Villa!
After some long talk with the staff that openly said that they didnt care about it or to help in any way… I mean her apology would have been aporeciated… in fact they just asked us to pay the bill, which I refused before we could have a talk with the manager… that made them ‘order’ a beating squad… YES… they staff and their friends was telling us we better pay now or suffer the consequences… yeah, in fact rather scary!!!
Luckily a police man came around… I tried to the the staff to call the Tourist Police, but they refused…. so I got the nice staff at New Siam 1 to help me… and I guess that was the Police man showing up. He was very polite and checked the case….talked with the shouting manager at Wild Orcid Villa and us…. and asked what we would like… we just asked for an apology… and the manager manged to give a very angry and cold apology… yes, she was still furious!
I went up, packed my backpack and we left for another hotel – even having payed for the night it was certainly not worth staying there or EVER spending anymore money at Wild Orchid Villa!!
Strange how people can snap like that… never got that kind of BAD service and attitude i Thailand before!

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