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Koh Samet

April 23rd, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel

Arrived safely at Koh Samet Saturday late afternoon at 17.30 – the trip on the road was not so bad (only 182 km, but a lot of cars and bad roads..) and the boat trip was also pretty cool..  took a bit longer than normal… we had to do at stop before the jetty, because we had some tables and chairs that need to be delivered… Then the boat just make a small change in direction.. That’s Thailand 😉


At Koh Samet there was pretty much sold out when it comes to rooms – the Thais goes to Koh Samet in the weekends themselves, but it was fare from the totally sold out situation that LonelyPlanet and some other sites writes about…  But
I did manage to find a really nice room at Saikaew Villa, which was a good pick – the rooms are nice, at a fair price, food is nice and the staff are so friendly – I can really recommend it!

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