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Results from WCU07

May 7th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Sport | Ultimate

A lot of people has been writing me about the results from Wonderful Copenhagen Ultimate 2007 (WCU07) – before I go much into details about the tournament and upload some pictures I’ll just give you the results.
But I have to add that Skogshyttan was also this year incredibly strong and did well deserved win the Open division, whereas Iceni had a much closer final against Leeds Leeds Leeds, but with Iceni as this year’s the winner of the Women division. Big gratz to both of the teams!

Women Division
1. Iceni
2. Leeds Leeds Leeds
3. DNT
4. Swedish National Team
5. Espoo Ultimate Club
6. Nazionale Italiana
7. Helsinki Ultimate
8. Danish National Team
9. Primavera Olandese
10. Yaka
11. Nice Bristols
12. UFO
13. Turku Terror
14. Staff & Pick Up

Open division
1. Skogshyttan
2. Ragnarok
3. Karhukopla
4. Clapham Ultimate
5. Sipoo Odd Stars
6. Pintje!
7. Fire of London
8. Helsinki Ultimate
9. KFUM Örebro Frisbee
10. Viksjöfors
11. Cota Rica
12. CUSB Bologna
13. Chevron Action Flash
14. Freespeed
15. UFO FI
16. Sin City
17. Friselis
18. UFO NL
19. Searching Woodpeckers
20. Shanghai Hu Wa
21. Kielstock
22. WCU Staff Team
23. CamboCakes
24. EMO Ultimate
25. Gummibärchen
26. Discoholics
27. AArhus UFK
28. Stockholm Ultimate

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