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Rather dizzy

July 3rd, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | I think

after a day with lots of ice on the knee and some pills…
Yeah, it seems like its going fine with no pain, but I guess the pills are doing their job.
Btw it was amazing how fast it went yesterday at the Parkens Privathospital – I arrived at 09.00, got some pills at 09.10, was on the ‘bench’ at 09.25, passed out at 09.30, got waken up at 10.15 by the nurses, got some food at 10.40, got instructions around 11.00, briefing by Uffe Jørgensen at 11.45 and got picked up by my friend Lars at 12….. little more than 3 hours and I was sitting in my sofa with ice on my knee – thats really fast!

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