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Black night in Copenhagen

September 2nd, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen

Sunday morning was another black day in Copenhagen – the autonome criminals decided again to show their illegal and undemocratic face in a ‘street party’ that evolved into the smashing of a lot of shops on Nørrebro (just outside my window) – a smashing because of their anger of not getting new house (for free) for them to rule and smash at own will…  yes, I know that it sounds like a spoiled kid and there’s certainly several similarities…  a lot of the criminals in these riots ARE kids (younger than 18) and I do wonder what happend in those homes since the kids are allowed to be involved in this kind of activities…. and who could ever expect to get a free house like than, especially after several riots (you’re either has to be a small kid or an ignorant left wing…)?

After waking up to the sight of these criminals riot I can only hope for justice again – no softness in our legal system and of COURSE no house ever, should Denmark be know for a country where violence is the way?
So please dont let left wing parties like Enhedspartiet give the criminals a house as a price for smashing Copenhagen again!

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