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Blackle is NOT news ComON!

September 27th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | WEB

Seems like the news flow isnt that impressive in Denmark… Today one of the hot stories in our local ‘IT-oracle’ ComON is about Google’s black twin Blackle – in it selves a pretty interesting story about how we could save energy by using a black version of Google instead of the white one… BUT my problem with this story by ComON is that its OLD news! My good old friends Per Klixbüll in Chicago send me a mail about it back in end July 2007 and without being to hard on Per, I’m pretty sure he wasnt the first one to discover about it… so….
Per please remember to include the nice people from ComON in Denmark in all you future mails to me….. seems it would be appreciated…
I’m sure they would have loved you undercover pictures from the new Batman film…

Per’s mail

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