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At least 8 people drowned in a cave in Thailand

October 14th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel
….. and Benjamin and I was there in December 2002!
It was such a shock to read today that at least 8 people drowned in the Nam Talu cave in the beautiful Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. I remember that Benjamin and I have been talking quite often about that Nam Talu cave trek, and we usually mention it as close to the most wild/risky thing we have ever done – we were guided to the Nam Talu cave by a Thai kid not older than 18 years old and the driver of the boat and both didnt speak that good English. On our 2 hours walk we also discovered that we only had one good torch and one small one, so 2 torches for 4 guys… and the guide told us that the cave trek would be aound 1 hour, but if it started raining the Nam Talu cave would be filled within 20 minutes… HMMM – and it DID rain from the morning…. anyway the guide did look up into the sky and decided that it was safe to enter and the we stumbled into the dark…
The cave was very interesting – we saw big spiders, lots of bats hanging from the roof, huge beautiful limestones and small waterfalls – and at one point the guide took my small backpack and crawled on the walls while the 3 of us swam down a small waterfall and out to a plateau…. in fact very nice in the heavy heat…
We came out again and took the 2 hours walk back to the station and then the 2 hours boat trip… and we both agreed that the Nam Talu cave in Khao Sok National Park was really a great but also very risky trek – now I can really feel it after the bad news and I do feel sorry for those poor people…  so sad! The safety just isnt good enough!
Btw I called Benjamin an hour ago and asked him to tell me which thing he remember as one of the most risky we did…  and yes, he mentioned exactly the Nam Talu cave trek in Khao Sok National Park…

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