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Build-A-Bear amazes me!

October 18th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in I think

I must admit that I’m a Build-A-Bear fan! Not a fan in the sense that I have a huge collection of the bears and cant walk past a Build-A-Bear shop (in fact I dont have single Build-A-Bear- surprised?), but a huge fan of the concept! The way they enclosed storytelling in the concept and made the trip to the Build-A-Bear shop an adventure – an adventure not only to build the bear, but to give it life and involve the children in the process… its great.
And you certainly know its great when you see the happy faces of the kids… and I do sometimes visit the shop just to see the joy there…
But sometimes you dont have to visit the shops – just look around when the proud small new owners are walking home their new Build-A-Bear.
This proud Build-A-Bear girl I saw on Nørrebronx.. and it was no problem at all to get the picture of the proud new owner…..

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