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Crime pays in Denmark!

October 24th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen
Yeah, it seems like its gonna be the terrible truth in Denmark after the riots this year – the ignorat (and big spending) socialist mayor of Copenhagen Ritt Bjerregaard has decided to reward the rioting left wing criminals with another house for FREE – a reward payed for several times of rioting and violence keeping the locals at home, setting fire to cars, fighting with the Danish police (which the criminals claim provoked and were agressive), getting more that a 1000 in jail and sending bills for more than 9.000.000 USD to the nice citizens of Denmark.
Ritt Bjerregaard I’m willing to forget your spendings in Paris ect. if you show these criminals that crime doesnt pay, please…  and if no, I can only hope that the criminals doesnt make another riot to get a bigger house or better equipment in it….  because it seems like you’re promoting a very bad learning curve…

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