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Generation ‘we want’

October 26th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | I think

The election for the Danish parlament (folketinget) is due 13. November, so every party and its youth groups are very active ‘spaying’ the wall ect. with their posters and making a lot of happenings – all of it being very interesting..  you really see what these parties thinks interest the votes and you also see what on their internal agenda.
Yesterday there was a small happening by the youth group of SF (the socialist people party – eventhough they have this ‘people party’ thing they are not real communist and they dont belive in revolution and dictatorship…) and it was really interesting to see what was on THEIR mind…  and for me it looks like it was mostly the ‘we want’ thing…  being students they of course wanted 1000 kr. more in SU (state support for students), so EUR 650 per month is not enough – they want EUR 130 extra…
And free dentists for all (at least something for all) – and the free trains and busses for the people studying, too…
And more doctors and more nurses and and and…
Are we looking at a new generation here?? Generation WE WANT?


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