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Now on Facebook

October 30th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in WEB

There are soooo many of those community type of websites and I do feel sooo behind… I was pretty fast on Linkedin, did never try myspace, but now I’m at least on Facebook – got to see what that Facebook and all the money is about. And Facebook is rather interesting. You can do a lot more on Facebook that on Linkedin (which seems nearly too closed), but I can also get a bit ‘afraid’ that Facebook will be too time consuming or it could be.. Great with the posibilities to create (not that I do it personaly) and use third parties apps, but also too time consuming – I dont want to ‘vampire bite’ friends or join too many groups, but a quick movie test is fun sometimes… but not an never ending game…
And I’m really ‘afraid’ that Facebook will turn into another advertsing space like myspace (which is filled with bands and record advertising)…. then you will the users flea to the next community sort of thing…

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