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An afternoon at the race track

February 11th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Sport

Yesterday I was invited to the race track, but not a ‘normal’ race track, but a race track for Radio Controlled Model Car Racing or MRC as its called in Denmark. The race was a part of the Danish Championship and my friend Søren Boy Holst (former World Champion) did great securing his overall win in this part – now he just has to do good in the last one in Ã…rhus and another Danish Championship should be home.. and another trophy added to the more than 450 trophies in the Boy Holst home!
It was really great fun watching the races – a lot of action! Not all the guys are perfect at controlling the cars, so some races did include quite some crashes…. and there was an intense fight. I wont be driving myselves, but it will not be the last time I’ll watch it again.

The 100 meter long race track at Brøndby Racing Club
Brøndby Racing Club race track

Søren preparing his car in between races
Søren preparing his car
(yes, he did of course apply the right stuff to the tires and made sure the batteries was freshly charged.. NO old charged batteries for a champion.. 😉 )

Søren getting his car checked by the officials after the race
(I didnt see any doping control, but the cars got weighted and measured down to the milimeters, so dont race with a too tall wing or…)
And Søren Boy Holst – number one of the day!
Søren Boy Holst is number one

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