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Will be Reboot’ing in the end of June

May 29th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen

End of June (June 26. and June 27.) is again time for the yearly conference/social event Reboot in Copenhagen by Thomas Mygdal-Madsen and this year its number 10!!! And Reboot has been around for a looong time – in fact its number 10 this time…  how time is running when you’re having fun! I can remember quite some of them…  from the May 2000 version full of hope, ideas, people (more than 2500 people), networking and party over the 2001 and the ‘crying’ over the bubble burst, the one I spend on a roof in the sun talking with Christian Ørsted (dont tell Thomas.. I did in fact join some of the sessions..) and up to the great, but smaller (only around 400-500 people), events now – still full of great ideas, cool people, networking and lots of interesting sessions…  just the wanna be hang arounds are sort of gone…  and you need to bring your own groopies…

Yes, I’m really looking forward to get Reboot’ed again – and I hope that it will be a great anniversary for Reboot and Thomas!
Looking forward to you all there again….. and tell you a bit about my latest project Outsphere….  something 3D object that….  😉

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