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Danish newspapers tells that Tom Dane is leaving Las Vegas

June 3rd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in I think

And is that a surprise??? Is it really a surprise that our own Danish Tom Dane aka Thomas Eje from the good old ‘Linie 3’ (ok, at least old…) is retuning after a unsuccesful showbiz career… I pretty much remember how bad the first Tom Dane show was… I was there…
And I certainly remember how Danish newspapers like BT and EB was pretty happy about his show.. wasnt it BT telling how Tom Dane took Vegas with storm? And now both EB and BT are there to tell the obvious, that Tom Dane is on his way home…. of course, all the non blind and deaf got that one in first take… 😉

HAHA…  and check out what Henrik Qvortrup from Danish gossip mag. SE & Hør said about Tom Dane and Las Vegas – I quote:
Men jeg tør faktisk godt allerede nu vove det ene øje og fastslå: Thomas Eje – eller Tom Dane, som han jo kalder sig i Vegas – vil lægge salen ned. Også amerikanerne vil falde for Ejes helt unikke kombination af musikalitet, timing og humor.

He’s in fact betting one of his eyes – just send it in the mail, Henrik  😉
ForDanes…  read it all – Henrik is really so great fun!

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