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Per Klixbüll in Denmark again!

June 14th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Friends

for a short while….
Monday I was so lucky having my good friend Per Klixbüll around for some hours – its been far too long since last time… about a year since Per, Inger and small Gus was in Denmark last time and I havent been in Chicago for a couple of years… shame on me… 😉
But we had some good hours in the Copenhagen sun… lots of catching up… and planning for a long weekend in Vegas in November!
Unfortunately the US Klixbüll family is always very very busy when in Copenhagen, trying to see as many friends in the short time they can hold their parents at bay 😉 , so I was ‘only’ allocated Per and not his beautiful wife Inger or the small Gus…. I just had to live with ‘just’ Per….

After some time at the Esromgade office balcony Per found Brigg’s big love?!! But whats he doing on a balcony in Copenhagen?!!
Per Klix and Brigg’s big love

And Per promised me to do a bit of adversing for my companies and Outsphere, but of couse he failed… cant you even point at the right company??!!! 😉
Per Klixbull, and Outsphere

Really great seeing you Per – and hope to see you in Vegas in November!

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