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Extra stuff to do with the Reboot Laptop Skin

June 27th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Friends

Reboot didnt include Reboot t-shirts or bags in the package this year, but a funky knitted Laptop Skin, but with a sort of open’ess for other purposes…

Mr. Seebach showing his style with a traditional scarf
T. Seebach wearing his Reboot scarf

The Umbraco Twins also had an idea – Niels with the traditional scarf and Per in a more cool skater hat (dont confuse with a scater hat…  a lot different I guess..  😉  )
The Umbraco Twins showing their rebooting style
(bonus info: Martin Stahl seems like doing business instead of rebooting…)

And T. Seebach showing his Pyrus version
T. Seebach rebooting Pyrus style

Can we have some votes please?
Mr. FDIH aka Morten Kamper leaving reboot the Danish way
Morten Kamper leaving reboot

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