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Grøn Koncert on Sunday (Green concert)

July 22nd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Music

Sunday its time for Grøn Koncert (Green Concert) in the Valby suburb (to Copenhagen). Grøn Koncert is a bunch of summer concerts in several Danish Cities like Ã…rhus, Esbjerg, Odense and Copenhagen (in Valby). Grøn Koncert has been around for 26. years and has always been sponsored by Tuborgs green label beer (explains the name.. Grøn Koncert) and the profit goes to Muskelsvind Fond (a fond made for people with muscular dystrophy), so great music and beers and the profit goes to a good cause…  so nice…

This year the lineup will be:
– MC’s Fight Night ( its gonna be so cool!)
– Magtens Korridorer ( not my favorit, but not too bad either)
– Spleen United ( an interesting still upcoming band – rather Depeche Mode inspired..)
– Burhan G (hmmmm… time to find get beers and some food ect..)
– DAD (great Danish rock band – has been around for so long time and still getting stronger..)
– Nik og Jay ( soft hip-hop R’N’B for the teenage girls… )
– Suspekt ( hardcore porn Hip Hop, bring your kids home! Sooo COOL!)
– Aqua (a comeback…  hmmm)

The weather is forecasted to be really really nice, so cold beers for me in the sun!!!
Looking really forward to see Suspekt!

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