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Tom Dane fans

August 7th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in I think

Dear Tom Dane fans.

This is my personal blog and it seems like you dont really agree with my opinion about Tom Dane’s quality in his Vegas Shows – too bad for you.-…
I have recently experienced that some of you have been writing comments to my blogging about Tom Dane in Vegas (and now back in Denmark) – comments with nothing else that attacks on me as a person, those comments will not be published – this is my personal blog and its not a human right to be heard here..  but if you disagree with me and is capable of telling how happy you are about Tom Dane and that you disagree, then your comment has a lot better chance of not getting deleted…
AND this ‘rule’ goes for every subject where my blog happens to be rather high on Google on a subject and you dont agree…  its ok to not agree, but ignorant attacks on me….  thats for the spamfilter…  😉

A good example is the Wild Orchid Villa in Bangkok – I had a very bad experience there…  and every month I get some comments without much other content than personal attacks, of course they dont get published..  but a comment from the new manager at Wild Orchid Villa giving his opinion and telling about the place, of course it gets published…

Hope this is clear now.

And for the Tom Dane fans – I did in fact like ‘Linie 3’ many years ago – I was younger and they were new and innovative…  unfortunately I feel that Tom Dane never moved on… and the Vegas show really wasnt very good…

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