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Visiting my father Ib Klintø in the weekend

August 11th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Family

The weekend was allocated to a trip to my birthtown Esbjerg where my father Ib Klintø is living. A whole weekend in the small fishing village by the west coast of Denmark – a place that still have a bit of a scent of fish..  the local calls it the smell of money….

Ib Klintø is posing for the iPhone – waiting for the taxi…Ib Klintø outside his apartment block in Esbjerg

We had a nice weekend watching a bit of the olympic games, eating at the restaurant Dronning Louise (nice website Dronning Louise – long time since I saw a framed site last time…) in the center of Esbjerg, me telling once again what I’m doing now and of course enjoying a bit of Single Malt Whisky…

Enjoying the new Highland Park Single Malt Whisky 16 yo.Ib let me taste his new High Park Single Malt Whisky 16 yo.
Note: its pretty new that you can get Highland Park Single Malt Whisky in a 16 yo edition – used to be 12 yo, 18 yo and 25 yo….

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