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Dan Taxbøls birthday party

August 21st, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Friends

First of all happy birthday (a bit delayed) and thanx for a great birthday party down in Haslev (I wont explain further, because who really wants to know…) – that was a hell of party even though you managed again to buy too little beer for your beer tap….

The day started really good with nice weather and a beer in the sun
A beer in the sun for Dan Taxbøl before all the guests arrive

Nice presents for Mr. Taxbøl – sadly he doesnt get 40 evey year…  😉
Dan Taxbøl gets a mousepad with blond girl and tits - pure silicon
Oh yes, a mouse pad with a blond with silicon tits – look at that happy boy!
And I know that Dan is smiling when he use it…  😉

A birthday party is not really a birthday party without a couple of songs, speaches and other fun stuff – and who’s better to start the ‘fun’ than Dan’s kids Simone, Rasmus and Nikolaj?
The ‘kids’ really did a cool ‘speach’/event with lots of fun – and interesting stuff I didnt know about Mr. Taxbøl…

The fun started withNikolaj and Rasmus dressing Dan with this cool water-hat…  and it seems like the kids really know what’s most important to ‘punish’.. when Dan in talking/interrupting!!
Dan Taxbøl gets a water-hat
So one word from Dan T. and he gets a bit of water!
Btw do I need to add that Nikolaj had to top up the water several times??!!  😉

We learned a lot about Dan Taxbøl that we really had hoped not not hear about…  Thanx to you kids I still have nightmares…
Dans underwear - ouch

And not even Dan likes that….
Dan gets some serious water
And then combines with quite a lot of water….

I think I will stop for now and just say another big THANX – it was was really good fun!
And I do think that you havent changed that much since….
A little younger version of Dan Taxbøl

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