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Dan’s birthday II

August 25th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Friends

It wasnt only Dan’s kids who were ready with a small ‘event’ – check out this music-event…

The whole Taxbøl family is ready to show their music talents
A cool music show with the Taxbøl family

And I’m pretty much ready for the show…  yes, you might not be able to see it, but I do have a beer in one of my hands – you can say a lot about Dan, but he really tried to buy enought beer for this party… even though 50 liters wasnt enough..  anyway I was sort of smiling, so there were still beer at this time..  😉

A happy boy with a beer - watching the Taxbøl show..

A happy boy with a beer - watching the Taxbøl show..

And who said that Dan cant dance?
Dan Taxbøl dancing

Dan Taxbøl dancing

And after such a dancing and singing show its time for a drink – or a bottle…Simone shows how to drink Champaign in Haslev...

Simone shows how to drink Champaign in Haslev…

And in the late evening it was time to check out the local ‘club’ – Diskotek B&W Bykroen…

Diskotek B&W - Bykroen i Haslev

Diskotek B&W - Bykroen i Haslev

I really like name ‘Bykroen’ ( the village inn) – it was very fitting for the place – great service, but I guess it comes with being close to the only people there..  on a Saturday at 01.00….
Btw my hodded shirty was too offensive, but I was nicely asked to leave it in the cloakroom…  cool…

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