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Went diving with Erik and Thomas Klintø

September 1st, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Family

Sunday it was time for my first dive in Denmark and the water was in fact rather nice and the visibility not as bad as expected.

The dive was a test dive for my nephews Erik and Thomas Klintø – Irina and I just went along to try diving in Denmark.
My brother Peter Klintø wasnt that fond of the cold water so he stayed on land watching over the cars and the local Hotdog-bod… 😉

Erik, Thomas and I
Erik and Thomas Klintø going diving with me

Peter Klintø was on land

Hehe – I didnt really notice my brother Peter in the back when I took the picture…  but Peter as the lille mermaid is rather good fun… I didnt know he had ‘that’ in him…

The team of happy divers

Boys, you did really good in the water!!!
Looking forward to dive you soon again.

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