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Won’t waste a second on Mojito Naktys

October 18th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel

The bar and club scene in Vilnius is very good and when I’m around I like to visit the nice place with my friends, but last weekend made me decide to exclude one – Mojito Naktys.

I don’t mind being told that a club or lounge is full – that happens for all good places once in a while…  but to spend a long time in a line at Mojito Naktys and asking the bouncer politely about the situation, getting told its totally full (even though people are leaving) and that they wont let us in for the next hour or so… and then seeing the bouncers at Mojito Naktys letting their friends in!! That totally sucks Mojito Naktys!!
The cool club Absento FÄ—jos, which are often packed, were also pack last weekend, but at they do a decent way of handling the line – and Michael and I had a great night there.

So when you see this sign in Vilnius – then you know its time to turn around – no idea to waste your time in a line outside Mojito Naktys… just the 5 cents from an ‘angry old man’…  😉
Or at least somebody who knows how to spend his time better…

And yes, there is no much of a line outside Mojito Naktys, because people find out about their bad policy…  just for the friends…

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