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Christmas at my brother Peter Klintø’ place in Holsted.

December 30th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Family

Christmas was (of course) at my brother Peters place in Holsted – of couse because its been like that for some years now and I really really like being there for Christmas – Peter got such a nice family and I love to be around them!

I arrived at the 23rd (coming from Odense) as I have been doing the last couple of years and the plan was that Peter and I late evening again would see all 24 episodes of a Danish Christmas serie for grown ups – this time the one called “Jule Testamentet” (last year it was “The Jule Kalender” and the year before “Jul på Vesterbro”). Of course with a beer, a bit of Single Malt and some popcorn on the side – no changes here… we had a great evening/night and went to sleep around 3…

Next day Peter “the dentist” and Lisbeth “the dentist” gave me the full treatment at their clinic – they were tough, but fair…  😉   and it seems still to be pretty ok in there..
And the it was time to prepare for the evening – a evening with a LOT of goose, nice wine and presents.
Damn, that goose was goooood and rumours says I got my “fair” share…

Ready to sing and dance around the Christmas tree

Thanx for some great days in Holsted!

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