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40 years old/young today!

July 28th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen

Oh yeah, it’s the day when I turned 40…
It feels good and it doesn’t really hurt…  maybe it’s because the sun is shining and my wonderful girlfriend woke me up with lots of nice presents and a birthday breakfast table with cinnamon snails and coffee.

And it certainly also because of all the nice wishes from friends at Skype, Facebook and Twitter…
And certainly because I got this unexpected delivery to my office from Skaiste at Addvisors Vilnius.
Check it out!

Niels Klintø  40 birthday present from Skaiste Knyzaite

Thanx Skaiste – it was a wonderful surprise!

And it seems like my next year will bring a lot of interesting things…
A (hopefully) great party with my friends on Saturday
Getting married to my wonderful girlfriend
Honeymoon to Cambodia and Thailand
A little diving
Seeing my great fiends
Speaking at IAB Peru event
New projects
Improving “old” projects
Seeing,, Addvisors Vilnius, 1.Q consult and Addconsulta grow
And more…

Wow…  its gonna be great!

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