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Speaking about SEM at IAB Peru’s Online Marketing conference

October 4th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Addconsulta

Thursday (October 1st) was a big day for Addconsulta and me – I was invited to do a presentation about SEM at the IAB Peru’s Online Marketing conference and Addconsulta had a booth there, too. And we really got busy!
The IAB Peru Online Marketing conference had more that 300 people participating, so lots of networking.
I didn’t hear that many of the presentation because my Spanish in non-excisting and I didn’t like the idea of using the translation service. In fact it was pretty funny being translated – some of the people was using a headset (with translation) when I was doing my presentation about SEM – SEO and AdWords… and I have no clue if something was “lost in translation”,but the girls doing the translation had a really good English, so I’m pretty sure everything was ok – and nobody complained..  😉

Niels Klintoe speaking at the IAB Peru Online Marketing conference

I also got caught by a TV-team for a little talk – quite funny because I needed the CEO of Addconsulta Miguel to help me translate the questions.
Interviewed by Peruvian TV-website at the IAB Conference

All in all a great day and I think the future for Online Marketing in Peru looks very bright!

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