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Google Hotel Ads event in Vilnius

February 29th, 2016 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business | Intent Agency | Search marketing

Intent Agency Vilnius is now official AdsHOTEL partner, which mean we finally and as the first in the Nordics and Baltics can help our clients advertise on Google Hotel Ads, something that has been sort of exclusive for the large OTAs like and ect.
On January 28th Intent Agency had the pleasure of doing a small AdsHOTEL/Google Hotel Ads morning event for 20 local Vilnius hotels.
(and the venue was of course the newly opened and very nice restaurant Gaspar’s – its a must try when in Vilnius.)

My business partner and collegue Domas Vysniaukas kicked of the event, I followed with some slides on the big changes, over the years, in the Google SERPS and the huge challenges that hotels are facing.

Domas Vysniauskas
Google Hotel Ads event Intent Agency Vilnius, Domas Vysniaskas presents on January 29th 2016

But the main event was of course our guest Filippo Fasolo, co-funder and partner at AdsHOTEL, showing us the great platform AdsHOTEL.
Google Hotel Ads event by Intent Agency Vilnius and Filippo Fasolo from AdsHOTEL January 29th 2016

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