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Im definately a Marvel fan and not much of a DC fan, but but when it comes to Batman (The Dark Knigh) by Frank Miller then Im a fan.
Last week it was my time to see the new movie The Dark Knight Rises and it was amazing! Funny entertained all the 2 hours and 45 minutes – wow!

Gucci Helle vil have Champagne

September 16th, 2011 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen - (0 Comments)

for lånte penge…  skal Ikano “sponsorerer”?
Den lader vi lige stå…

What is

December 15th, 2010 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business | Copenhagen - (0 Comments)

Its been quite some time since my last post – no excuses from me, but quite a lot has been going on and more blogposts will follow..

So, what is it? is an only 2 month old company providing SugarCRM services to Danish companies – foundend by Lars Nielsen (experienced SugarCRM consultant), myself and 1 more partner.
Even though the company is only 2 month old it has achieved quite a bit:

  • Gained the trust of SugarCRM to be an official SugarCRM Partner
  • Responsible for the official Danish SugarCRM language pack
  • Several clients signed (more to come at the website)
  • Attracted a “heavy” Sales Director (more to come later..) SugarCRM services:

  • SugarCRM implementation
  • SugarCRM training
  • SugarCRM hosting & support
  • SugarCRM updates

I’m looking forward to tell more about in the new year.

Happy birthday to 23!

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23 is now 5 years old and a BIG happy birthday to the whole 23-Gang and crazy to see the huge succes you have with 23 Video (I was really happy being a part in the early start – great energy!)

And a 23 spotting for you guys!
Highland Park 23 year old

(No, will unfortunately not bring the bottle to you…  😉  )

Thanx to all my wonderful friends for making my birthday party such a PARTY!
I know some people say you should tell it with flowers and a pictures says more than…  so.. doesnt this looks like a happy boy or?
Niels Klintø - happy birthday 40yo

More pictures from the party in my next posts..

Oh yeah, it’s the day when I turned 40…
It feels good and it doesn’t really hurt…  maybe it’s because the sun is shining and my wonderful girlfriend woke me up with lots of nice presents and a birthday breakfast table with cinnamon snails and coffee.

And it certainly also because of all the nice wishes from friends at Skype, Facebook and Twitter…
And certainly because I got this unexpected delivery to my office from Skaiste at Addvisors Vilnius.
Check it out!

Niels Klintø  40 birthday present from Skaiste Knyzaite

Thanx Skaiste – it was a wonderful surprise!

And it seems like my next year will bring a lot of interesting things…
A (hopefully) great party with my friends on Saturday
Getting married to my wonderful girlfriend
Honeymoon to Cambodia and Thailand
A little diving
Seeing my great fiends
Speaking at IAB Peru event
New projects
Improving “old” projects
Seeing,, Addvisors Vilnius, 1.Q consult and Addconsulta grow
And more…

Wow…  its gonna be great!

Tomorrow is again time for Grøn Koncert in Copenhagen – the yearly summer concert with Danish artists – sponsored by Tuborg!

The program this year looks pretty fine and the weather will at least be dry.. nuff said

Grøn Koncert program:
13:20 Sys Bjerre
– sorry Sys..  I might be arriving a bit later…  😉
14:05 Mc’s Fight Night Tag Team Battle semifinaler
– these MC’s are just soo cool!
15:00 Tim Christensen
– hmmm…  I did like Tim Christensen in his “old” former band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, but now his music is rather boring…  sorry Tim..  but boring!
15:50 L.O.C.
– one of my favorit rappers – L.O.C is just sooo cool!
16.50 Kashmir
– Kashmir, rock as it supposed to be! Tim, listen and learn!
17:50 Mc’s Fight Night Tag Team Battle finale
– The MC’s final!
18:25 Infernal
– not my cup of tea…  time to get some beers.. use the toilet or..
19:20 Volbeat
– gonna be interesting to see Volbeat live!
20:20 TV-2

Gonna be a GREAT day!

Wishes for my birthday

July 10th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen - (0 Comments)

And for all of you asking about wishes for my birthday. Its pretty simple…

  • Stuff for my Wii – extra controllers, steering wheel, gun/rifle and games ect.
  • Whisky
  • CD’s
  • Or?

Modern in Herlev?

February 28th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen - (1 Comments)

Is this really modern in Herlev? Somewhat scary what you seen waiting for a bus…
Another place I’ll never move to…

Reception/party at TraceWorks

February 21st, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen - (0 Comments)

Yesterday I was invited to the TraceWorks reception and it did look like Morten Wulff did mean the “Crises? what crises?”…  its was really a nice reception/party and the new office space was great looking!

Crises? What Crises?
We have only Sushi at TraceWorks!

Lot of happy people and loooots of drinks – and just a bit of networking…  😉

And Christoffer was a happy Sales Director!

I’m looking forward to meet with Christoffer in the near future to get a update on the TraceWorkds analytics solution…  but I guess I need to let him have his 14 days skiing vacation in Canada first…  have fun, mate!

And the night went on and on….  and Thomas did want to sing with the Wii…  ouch…

Why Thomas? why?
Btw great style!

Thanx TraceWorks it was a great evening!