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Time for some diveblogging

October 19th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Diving - (0 Comments)

It has been a while since I returned from my August dive vacation in Thailand and to be honest….  I have been a lazy boy not uploading just one picture of the sharks, moray eels and fishes.. BUT now it happened…  on I’ve just uploaded a couple of sharks…  was a really cool experience ‘meeting’ them at Chumphon pinnacles.

At Koh Tao

August 18th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Diving | Travel - (2 Comments)

Wow, everythings has gone so fast, at least in Blog-time….
Benjamin and I have now been at Koh Tao for 5 day, we have been dive and tomorrow we’ll be leaving for a very short stay at Koh Samui – we just need the airport…

And today we we’re diving with sharks at Chumporn Pinacle…  such a GREAT dive….
Pictures of sharks will arrive later….

In Thailand!

August 18th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Diving | Friends | Travel - (0 Comments)

Haha…  as you might have guessed I’m sort of hiding in Thailand -anyway it feels like that when I havent been blogging for 10 days….  yeah…  10 days must be my record!
The fact is that Benjamin isnt a blogger, so I just havent been to the Internet cafees here…

Feels goood blogging again…  😉

Michael came around to visit me today and with good news – he’s planning a dive trip for some friends in the end of September – a dive trip to Cyprus where we’ll be doing some serious wreck diving on the Swedish wreck Zenobia.
Even though I’m still sitting with my leg up getting a lot of ice and strong pills, it is certainly worth considering going in end September and its physical possible….  on Monday I will already start the process making my knee and leg stronger visiting my physiotherapist Kristian…

Cave diving Egypt

May 18th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Diving | Travel - (0 Comments)

After a really interesting cave dive around 100 km north of Sharm el Sheik, Egypt, (out in the desert) we decided to take another route out the last meters.. a fun idea, but I nearly got stucked… when I’m looking at this picture it really looks serious, but it was that bad… 😉

Diving outside Koh Samet

April 24th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Diving | Travel - (7 Comments)

Went diving today and it was pretty good – the visibility was from pretty good to bad (3 meters) because of the tide and therefor lots of particles in the water, but the rather shallow dive sites were really nice – Koh Samet is certainly also a place to take a couple of dives when your here…
I went diving with Ploy Scuba Diving and Dive Master Theep and his guys were great! Thanx!
Theep did in fact warn me about the visibility and I had the dives alone with him – great service. We went out in their speedboat at 13 and were back around 16, a nice way to do it!

The visibility was not that good, but suddenly we found ourselves on top of a resting stingray – a BIG stingray!! its pretty difficult to see from the picture, but this big guy had a body a little more than 1,5 meter in diameter and then comes the tail…

And a small underwater snake or?

And a friend of ‘Nemo’ – at least one living in the same ‘house’…

And of course the happy boy…..  😉

Theep and of the staff

Lets go back in time – this is from my participation in 3rd Under Water Cleanup at Koh Chang on the 18th April 2007 

These pictures are not full of fishes or corals at Koh Chang – we didnt spend time looking much…  but looking for all the trash…

Lots of divers ready for the cleanup cleanup1.jpg

Some of us before the cleanup – it’s Don with the shades in the middle, first dive since his surgery!

My dive buddy on one of the dives – check out his bag…  we just went up with sooo much shit from down there

And me….

Was invited to join the 3rd Under Water Cleanup at Koh Chang and it was a succes. I joined White Sand Dive Centre, Don and his crew for a rather long day of diving/cleaning – really interesting and everybody was working hard!
At our first site, which wasnt a dive site, but rather a place where Thai fishermen dump all their shit…  nets, hoses, bottles, tires ect..  there we a LOT of junk, and we quickly got our bags filled up…  I went up and down 5 times on that dive…
The next one was regular dive site and we did find some trash there, but fortunately its was in small amounts.

Really a great thing to participate in and its great that Project A.W.A.R.E arrange and the Thai Government are sponsoring something like this!
Btw the 16-18 dive centres, their staff and guests did remove 5 ton of trash from the sea on the 18th and I’m sure they removed a lot more today.

On the Taxi from the ferry I meet Matt, an English instructor at Dive Point, and he told me about the coming 2 days cleaning the beaches and underwater event by the local Dive centres, their staff, some invited guests and sponsored by the government…  Sounded like a great thing to participate in and I rushed down to the local dive centre White Sand Dive Centre (Matt and Dive Point is at another beach… but he would of course help me there if needed…) and Don, the owner, promised to try to include me in the cleaning….  and then he helped me a lot finding a decent place to stay – so nice of him!
And yes, Don found a free spot for me – so I’m going to partake tomorrow – gonna be so cool!

Damn it! One thing I forgot to check… and now 12 hourse before I leave my apartment I realize that my diving computer Suunto Stinger is low at battery – tooo low to do any kind of diving with it…
So now I need to find a diving shop in Bangkok to fix it before I go diving… and Google is as always helpful!