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I got married!

September 28th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Family | Friends - (2 Comments)

Saturday I was so lucky getting married to my girlfriend Irina Moroz – Now my wife!!
We had a fantastic day with family and friends in Vilnius.

Niels Klintø and Irina Moroz married in Vilnius

Back in Vilnius preparing for the wedding + of course spending some time at the Addvisors Vilnius office.
Wow, time is running when you’re enjoying life and what you’re doing – now there’s only 4 days to the wedding…. Luckily we’re sort of ready – always some small changes and coordinations needed…

Saturday is so close and I’m really looking forward to it!

This is one of the most difficult posts I ever done and its gonna be very short….

In the night between September 8th and September 9th my father Ib Klintø slept peacefully in…

This picture from Oslo (May 25th 2008) shows my father like I always will remember him – in a good mode over a nice meal…
Ib Klintø - may he rest in peace

I miss you…….

Christmas was (of course) at my brother Peters place in Holsted – of couse because its been like that for some years now and I really really like being there for Christmas – Peter got such a nice family and I love to be around them!

I arrived at the 23rd (coming from Odense) as I have been doing the last couple of years and the plan was that Peter and I late evening again would see all 24 episodes of a Danish Christmas serie for grown ups – this time the one called “Jule Testamentet” (last year it was “The Jule Kalender” and the year before “Jul på Vesterbro”). Of course with a beer, a bit of Single Malt and some popcorn on the side – no changes here… we had a great evening/night and went to sleep around 3…

Next day Peter “the dentist” and Lisbeth “the dentist” gave me the full treatment at their clinic – they were tough, but fair…  😉   and it seems still to be pretty ok in there..
And the it was time to prepare for the evening – a evening with a LOT of goose, nice wine and presents.
Damn, that goose was goooood and rumours says I got my “fair” share…

Ready to sing and dance around the Christmas tree

Thanx for some great days in Holsted!

Sunday it was time for my first dive in Denmark and the water was in fact rather nice and the visibility not as bad as expected.

The dive was a test dive for my nephews Erik and Thomas Klintø – Irina and I just went along to try diving in Denmark.
My brother Peter Klintø wasnt that fond of the cold water so he stayed on land watching over the cars and the local Hotdog-bod… 😉

Erik, Thomas and I
Erik and Thomas Klintø going diving with me

Peter Klintø was on land

Hehe – I didnt really notice my brother Peter in the back when I took the picture…  but Peter as the lille mermaid is rather good fun… I didnt know he had ‘that’ in him…

The team of happy divers

Boys, you did really good in the water!!!
Looking forward to dive you soon again.

The weekend was allocated to a trip to my birthtown Esbjerg where my father Ib Klintø is living. A whole weekend in the small fishing village by the west coast of Denmark – a place that still have a bit of a scent of fish..  the local calls it the smell of money….

Ib Klintø is posing for the iPhone – waiting for the taxi…Ib Klintø outside his apartment block in Esbjerg

We had a nice weekend watching a bit of the olympic games, eating at the restaurant Dronning Louise (nice website Dronning Louise – long time since I saw a framed site last time…) in the center of Esbjerg, me telling once again what I’m doing now and of course enjoying a bit of Single Malt Whisky…

Enjoying the new Highland Park Single Malt Whisky 16 yo.Ib let me taste his new High Park Single Malt Whisky 16 yo.
Note: its pretty new that you can get Highland Park Single Malt Whisky in a 16 yo edition – used to be 12 yo, 18 yo and 25 yo….

New Gym-buddy!

January 13th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Family | Strange - (0 Comments)

Got a new Gym-buddy now… it seems like my friend Benjamin is having trouble joining me (and now Christian) at the Gym, so my new Gym-buddy has been Christian for the last 1,5 month…  and we even had a Spinning lesson this week (and another coming up on Monday) where I for the first time since my surgery was biking for 55 minutes in a row – really felt good to try and know that my knee can do it.

Esbjerg in the weekend…

September 26th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Family | I think - (0 Comments)

Some views from being back in Esbjerg….

This is what they call a restaurant in Esbjerg
Yes, its certainly aimed at the fishermen in town, and some would say its a bit too much with all that stuff in the window and inside, but if you compare it to the Irish and English concept bars all over the world you would find this a bit for original…. hint: this hasnt been ordered on 😉

Copenhagen has its Rundetårn and Esbjerg has Vandtårnet

And the advertising agencies are just as good/sad as in Copenhagen

AND the local football team beat the (former) leader of the league FC Midtjylland 2-0…  nice…   so in fact a pretty good weekend!

Some pictures from my brother Peter and his ‘kids’ watching Red Hot Chili Peppers at Roskilde Festivallen – Damn, I could be there… hmmmm..

And one more, but with so much more to see – mobile camera’s isnt that good with too much light around…
(from Thomas Klintø)

What a shame I could make it to this Red Hot Chili Peppers concert…