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Yes, the Smashing Punpkins has decided to give away their new songs and they will upload one after one..
Just now there’s 2 to download for free – “A Song For A Son” and “Widow Wake My Mind”.

“A Song For A Son” is really a great song!

Listen to the songs, download and share below or check their site Smashing Pumpkins.

It is for sure a merry Christmas – Sepiamusic’ new album Trenches is now ready for download at iTunes.
I’m still just as happy about the album as I was when I heard the first single “Crazy Burn” – “Crazy Burn” is a huge hit, if you ask me… and the whole album is just superb….

Download Crazy Burn at the Sepiamusic site (as long as its still up there) and check out the super Crazy Burn Video.

The Danish band Mew is after around 4 years of “silence” out with a new CD “No More Stories” and it got impressive reviews all over!!
I’m nearly afraid of getting disappointed..

I just ordered it – of course online abroad… why would I want to pay 2-2,5 times more in Denmark or 2,5 times the price at the online shop (DKK 129 + 29 in shipping) – in fact I never really understod the concept of! Pay the same as in a Danish shop and wait for several days…

So I went to CD WOW! and BangCD and ended up with a price of DKK 60 including shipping at BangCD – but by ordering it in Punds…
Mew "No More Stories" -  get it n Punds at BangCD
I now have to wait a couple of days, but I really like to have the CD instead of the DRM “infected” versions..  just call me old school…

But strange way of handling multi-currency at BangCD – If I have paid the Mew cd in DKK it would have been DKK 70…  very strang..

Mew cd "No More Stories" bought at BangCD

Btw I could download it (with DRM) at Bilka for DKK 69,95…  come on..  no cover, no cd and no shipping – you should be able to to better than DKK +10!

Tomorrow is again time for Grøn Koncert in Copenhagen – the yearly summer concert with Danish artists – sponsored by Tuborg!

The program this year looks pretty fine and the weather will at least be dry.. nuff said

Grøn Koncert program:
13:20 Sys Bjerre
– sorry Sys..  I might be arriving a bit later…  😉
14:05 Mc’s Fight Night Tag Team Battle semifinaler
– these MC’s are just soo cool!
15:00 Tim Christensen
– hmmm…  I did like Tim Christensen in his “old” former band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, but now his music is rather boring…  sorry Tim..  but boring!
15:50 L.O.C.
– one of my favorit rappers – L.O.C is just sooo cool!
16.50 Kashmir
– Kashmir, rock as it supposed to be! Tim, listen and learn!
17:50 Mc’s Fight Night Tag Team Battle finale
– The MC’s final!
18:25 Infernal
– not my cup of tea…  time to get some beers.. use the toilet or..
19:20 Volbeat
– gonna be interesting to see Volbeat live!
20:20 TV-2

Gonna be a GREAT day!

Its been quite some time…  but now Sepiamusic is finally ready with the Official Video for the great song Crazy Burn – one of my favorit Sepiamusic songs!
And the song is in fact still available for free download at the Sepiamusic website!

Sounds Of The Universe

April 20th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Music - (0 Comments)

Depeche Mode “Sounds Of The Universe” is certainly Sounds of The Universe – I love the first single Wrong and it’s for me right now the best song on the album, but I’m sure I’ll get other favorites over time – thats how it is with great albums.

Thanx to BangCD for making it so easy to get my new CDs send direct to my home at a nice price.

CD’s are far too expensive in Denmark because of the VAT and greediness, so why not chose a company sending the CDs directly to your place at 30 – 40% of normalt retail price in Denmark? at least I do…

So now I’m waiting for the 3 releashes of:

U2 ” No Line On The Horizon” (Limited Digipak Edition) at 110 kr. – March 2nd

Eminem “Relapse” at 70 kr. – March 2nd

Depechen Mode “Sounds Of The Universe” at 70 kr. – April 20th

Love e-shopping!

Great news!
The biggest, best and free outdoor chill out lounge party Stella Polaris will be in Copenhagen again in 2009 – on August 2nd…

Gonna be sooo cool!

My friend Henrik “Drummer” and his band Juno Bell has just launched their new EP “Fighting Giants” and it’s on the Internet ready to get downloaded for free – that’s really a Christmas present you can relate to!

I have only listened to “Fighting Giants” a couple of time, but I like it – and it will be on “heavy rotation” on my iPhone today.

Go check out Juno Bell on their MySpace or download their new EP “Fighting Giants” for free
Merry Christmas!

The EP “Fighting Giants” contains the songs:
Fighting Giants
State Of Sleep
Building Castles

Juno Bell

My friend Henrik is to the far right.

Good luck guys and I’m looking forward to see you live soon again!

Sunday its time for Grøn Koncert (Green Concert) in the Valby suburb (to Copenhagen). Grøn Koncert is a bunch of summer concerts in several Danish Cities like Ã…rhus, Esbjerg, Odense and Copenhagen (in Valby). Grøn Koncert has been around for 26. years and has always been sponsored by Tuborgs green label beer (explains the name.. Grøn Koncert) and the profit goes to Muskelsvind Fond (a fond made for people with muscular dystrophy), so great music and beers and the profit goes to a good cause…  so nice…

This year the lineup will be:
– MC’s Fight Night ( its gonna be so cool!)
– Magtens Korridorer ( not my favorit, but not too bad either)
– Spleen United ( an interesting still upcoming band – rather Depeche Mode inspired..)
– Burhan G (hmmmm… time to find get beers and some food ect..)
– DAD (great Danish rock band – has been around for so long time and still getting stronger..)
– Nik og Jay ( soft hip-hop R’N’B for the teenage girls… )
– Suspekt ( hardcore porn Hip Hop, bring your kids home! Sooo COOL!)
– Aqua (a comeback…  hmmm)

The weather is forecasted to be really really nice, so cold beers for me in the sun!!!
Looking really forward to see Suspekt!