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Now the answer is there – Mirko CroCop’s  next fight is going to be in the UFC again, even though there was some trash talk by UFC director Dana White after CroCop’s last fight back at the UFC 99 in Germany….
Mirko CroCop will be fighting Brazilian Junior dos Santos at UFC 103 on September 19th.
Junior dos Santos is a rather new fighter with only 8 fights, but afther his KO of Fabricio Werdum he seems to be a rising star..  at least until he meets CroCop at UFC 103 – no doubt Junior dos Santos has a chance..  but its a slim one and I’m sure CroCop will win by KO!

I wouldn’t call it an easy fight for Buakaw, but he was certainly superior to poor Dutch fighter Nieky “The Natural” Holtzken who got his stomack smashed throughout the fight – I’m very happy to see Buakaw return to the old Thai boxing style of knee’s, tiep and low kicks. Nieky “The Natural” Holtzken really got TIEPED!
So now its the K-1 World Max 2009 Final in October – first semi final and then final on one night! Gonna be a blast!

Ups..  did I forget his mid kick and sweeps…  really not so much boxing but kicking!

Tomorrow its gonna be interesting and I will be very close to YouTube, because my favorite K-1 MAX fighter Buakaw Por. Pramuk will be fighting Dutch fighter Nieky “The Natural” Holtzken, who Buakaw already beat one time back in June 2007.
The fight is part of the K-1 WORLD MAX 2009 tournament and the winner (who willl of course be Buakaw!) will advance to the semi finals and finals in October 2009.
GO Buakaw!

I guess the question of where and when is Mirko CroCop fighting next is one of biggest ones in MMA…

After his fast win over Mostapha Al Turk at the UFC 99 in Germany rumours talked about a fast split with the UFC because CroCop wanted to fight 3 fights this year and then came the rumours about a fight with Mighty Mo at DREAM on July 20th , which could fit into the UFC split…  but now rumours brings CroCop back in UFC for UFC 100 – thats on July 12th?!!

Looking forward to see Mirko CroCop fight in July!

Wow, that’s some breaking news – Mirko CroCop to fight again after his surgery and its gonna be in UFC pretty soon.

Crocop will be fighting Mostapha Al Turk at the UFC 99 in Germany on June 13th.

Buakaw Por. Pramuk was again down in the K-1 MAX Final 16, but he managed to get up this time and even win the fight. For a fan like me Buakaw is making the fights a bit too exciting!
In a fight that Buakaw shouldn’t have that big problems with – Buakaw a 2 times K-1 Max champion against a K-1 rather unknown MMA fighter like Brazilian Andre “Dida” Amade, it was a big shock to see Buakaw down in the first round and somewhat fighting to get through it….  But to see Buakaw destroying Dida over the next 3 rounds was a joy – incedible with all the kicks to the legs and midsection of Dida…  and I hope that Buakaw in the K-1 Max Final 8 will take better care and kick even more!

A big thanx to all the nice people uploading the fights to YouTube so fast – its not streaming from the TV, but its close..

On April 21st its again time for the K-1 MAX tournament – the less heavy, but action packed, version of the K-1 tournaments. K-1 MAX Final 16 will decide who will go on the the final 8 competing for the K-1 MAC crown in 2009 and of course my favorit Buakaw Por. Pramuk is included and he still got the KO loss to Sato to revenge.
Buakaw will meet Brazilian Andre “Dida” Amade and I dont think it will be an easy task, but for sure Buakaws incredible kick to legs and body will make Dida softer and softer – for sure a victory for Biuakaw – and I’m just looking forward to catch the fight on YouTube right after!
(Thanx to YouTube…)

Holyfield got robbed!

December 20th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Sport - (0 Comments)

Damn, Holyfield did so good and had a great strategy, I’m really impressed by that old champ! The Swiss really robbed him of the belt… And gave it to the beast, who didnt even boxe….sad….

One of my favorit K-1 fighters Buakaw Por. Pramuk made a strong ‘comeback’ after his shocking defeat by Sato – and even by KO….  Buakaw Por. Pramuk was never KO’ed before!
Anyway at the K-1 World Max ’08 Championship Final Event Buakaw made a strong statement with a first round KO of Black Mamba and having Black Mamba down 2 times in this final round.

Great to see that Buakaw is ready again and I hope he’ll be strong and win the K-1 World Max in 2009!

Now its gonna happen very soon – Nicholas Pettas’ fight at K-1 WORLD GP 2008 HAWAII, and I hope big time that he’ll go all the way and win the Final, which will bring him all the way to the K-1 WORLD GP 2008 IN SEOUL -FINAL16 where names like the champion Semmy Schilt, the grand ‘old man’ Peter Aerts, the tough Jerome Le Banner and many more are waiting…  a huge challenge!

Now that Buakaw unfortunately was eliminated from this years K-1 (max) please give me some other to cheer for – go kick some ass and win the tournament Nicholas!
Good luck to you!