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Yesterday I was invited to the race track, but not a ‘normal’ race track, but a race track for Radio Controlled Model Car Racing or MRC as its called in Denmark. The race was a part of the Danish Championship and my friend Søren Boy Holst (former World Champion) did great securing his overall win in this part – now he just has to do good in the last one in Ã…rhus and another Danish Championship should be home.. and another trophy added to the more than 450 trophies in the Boy Holst home!
It was really great fun watching the races – a lot of action! Not all the guys are perfect at controlling the cars, so some races did include quite some crashes…. and there was an intense fight. I wont be driving myselves, but it will not be the last time I’ll watch it again.

The 100 meter long race track at Brøndby Racing Club
Brøndby Racing Club race track

Søren preparing his car in between races
Søren preparing his car
(yes, he did of course apply the right stuff to the tires and made sure the batteries was freshly charged.. NO old charged batteries for a champion.. 😉 )

Søren getting his car checked by the officials after the race
(I didnt see any doping control, but the cars got weighted and measured down to the milimeters, so dont race with a too tall wing or…)
And Søren Boy Holst – number one of the day!
Søren Boy Holst is number one

Another win for Buakaw

February 3rd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Sport - (0 Comments)

Buakaw Por.Pramuk is one of my favorite  K-1 fighters and for sure the best one in his  weight-groups, so it did hurt seeing him loss to Masato at the 2007 K-1 MAX Final…  not a bit  defeat, but a defeat…  one that for sure is going to be avenged..
And yesterday Buakaw took it out on Sato – a Japanese fighter that Buakaw defeated last with a fast knockdown…  this time it was a 4 rounds punishment…  Great seeing Buakaw back again!

We ARE the Champions!

January 27th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Sport - (0 Comments)

The Danish team just won the European Championship in Handball – Gratz guys and thanx for some great games!!!!

The biggest outdoor Frisbee Ultimate tournament has opened for the 2008 registration – not playing ultimate anymore, I’m just looking forward to 4 days of great ultimate seen from the sideline and of course from the official tent, where I’ll be the king of the results again again..

Nicholas Pettas showed great spirit and fighting abilities in his K-1 PREMIUM 2007 Dynamite fight against Young Hyun Kim – and less than 1 minutes into the second round Young Hyun Kim was KO’ed – what a great and well deserved victory for Nicholas Pettas – GRATZ!
Did I forget to mention that Young Hyun Kim is a towering 2,16 meter? But down he went!
And it certainly looks like Young Hyun Kim didnt like the low kicks from Nicholas Pettas or the Axe Kick – Yes, Nicholas Pettas did in fact preform an axe kick on this 2,16 meter tall giant!

2007 has been quite a tough year for Danish Nicholas Pettas (living and fighting out of Japan…) – on the edge of 2006 Nicholas Pettas started up his K1 fighting carreer again by taking on Badr Hari..  resulting in a bad injury…. and in August 2007 he lost by KO by Peter Aerst…  but the great this is that Nicholas Pettas is determined about his K1 fighting carreer and his next fight will be tomorrow in the New Year K-1 PREMIUM 2007 Dynamite show from Osaka, Japan!
Its really cool seeing this great Karate-ka and fighter in K1 – his great kicks were missed! Best of luck to Nicholas Pettas!

Its really a good sign when my old association Dansk Frisbee Sport Union (DFSU) is ready to hire an part time administrator – an administrator to handle the growing number of people playing Ultimate and Disc Golf.
Are you ready to be the one for DFSU?

Morten Olsen – time to leave!

October 14th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Sport - (0 Comments)

Morten Olsen, I hope you can see it yourselves…  I’m not a big football fan, but it seems rather obvious…  please leave.

I was not the only one helping out Morten at GolfOnline Open 2007, besides a bunch of golf players my friend Dan Taxbøl was also giving a hand or 2….  with the camera – yeah, he’s behind all the nice pictures at and on my 23HQ
And here’s how he did it….




Yeah, this Sunday was a day full of golf for me. My good friend Morten Sandorff was the host of his yearly turnament GolfOnline Open and he ‘invited’ me to help him…
It was really a great day helping and watching a lot of golf on the VERY beautiful golf course Skjoldenæsholm – even though there was a bit of rain 120 golf players was ready at Gun Start and I’m pretty sure they Loved playing the course…
Dont get any good ideas… I’m not going to play golf, but I’m sure its not the last time I will help Morten and