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Yeah, now its time for the best Ultimate in Europe and I’m so much looking forward to see all these people running, catching and diving for that Frisbee… to just get that important point… I just love to see that Frisbee in the air!
And I guess you might call me a dog for a Frisbee (or disc of any kind), if I see a Frisbee in the air I just get drawn to the spot and ask if I can join…. happend many times on my vacation Thailand – yeah, I was not only diving Koh Samet and Koh Chang, I was also Frisbeeing/Discing Koh Samet and Koh Chang… 😉

Time is running and already in this weekend its time for this years Ultimate tournament in Copenhagen – WCU07, the biggest outdoor Ultimate tournament in Europe!
This year the tournament will have 650 Ultimate Frisbee players from 20 different countries compeeding on 42 teams in an open and a womens division to be the winner of the tournament – it will not only be the biggest tournament in Europe, it will also be the best teams from Europe and abroad making it the best Ultimate in Europe this year.
Check out the tournament from the 4-6th May at Valby Idrætspart, 2400 Copenhagen S.

Friday 4th 14.30 – 20.30
Saturday 5th 09.00 – 19.00
Sunday 6th 09.00 – 17.00
– Womens final at 13.00 and Mens final at 14.30

Back from Vilnius and while relaxing 2 nights ago in the nice bar in Hotel Shakespeare I watched some Telly… and it turns out that the K1 is now having another turnament in the K1 MAX series in Vilnius – on March 17th K1 East Europe MAX 2007 will take place in Vilnius Siemens Arena and the Addvisors’ Client Hotel Conti is among the sponsors.. rather cool!
And one of my favorite fighters Buakaw Por. Pramuk will be there – all the way from Thailand – not even good luck will be enough for his opponents… 😉

Was out seeing some great indoor Ultimate in the weekend – always a pleasure. In fact I planned with my friend Morten Sandorff to meet him and his 2 kids for some Ultimate watching and throwing some discs…

My team Flying Circus managed to win nearly all their games, except the one against Ragnarok Ultimate, who were too strong… and the girls from Flying Circus were winning as always – in fact these girls were a strong number 2 in the famous Vinter Trofeen tournament in Sweden – GRATZ!

Dont disturb, we’re watching Ultimate!
(Morten, Jakob and Linus + ‘grand old man of Disc’ Erik Hammer

KFK vs. Ragnarok

Flying Circus vs. KFK women

Svennie… usually a happy boy…

Lene – I’m to blame for her playing Ultimate… 😉

Farum Arena

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You can say a lot about Peter Brixtofte, but he did know how to build a great Arena for sport! I can remember when there was only on hall in Stavnholt in Farum. Brixtofte managed to upgrade that single hall into 5 in the Farum Arena… unfortunately there was something not so ‘clear’ in the financing part… and yesterday the cafeteria was not even open.. that would never have happed when Brix rules Farum! 😉



Addvisors did have 2 teams at the Copenhagen Table Football tournament for advertising and media agencies ‘Kampen om Klatten’ and the guys did great!

Daniel and Andreas did have a bit of unstable play in the beginning, but when Daniel was propper warmed up he did show some of his famous show off play and a lot of goals – I did see them win 10-0… and they went to the quarter finals as number 2 in their group.

Thomas and MP didnt loose one game in their group and in the quarter final they unfortunately meet the other Addvisors team…. so the tournament did end there for Andreas and Danial – Thomas and MP was too stong for them – too bad they had to meet so early…

And Thomas and MP went all the way through the semi final to the final – a final they did loose, but a strong 2. place for the guys – one place better for MP than last years 3. place together with Kim Fredriksen..

I’m really happy to see that all the precious Addvisors time they are using does pay off… 😉
Great play guys!!!

Andreas and Daniel makes sure their handles are slip-proof

Daniel and Andreas kicking some…

Another team bites the….
Daniel did really show off and Andreas was stable as a rock

The arena

MP meditating his way to the final… 😉

MP and Thomas – Addvisors top team of the day and 2. place in Kampen om Klatten!

(and Søren J checking out their play..)

Last year MP and Kim played some really cool table football in the Copenhagen tournament ‘Kampen om Klatten’ (no, I wont translate…) and they brougth their Addvisors team to a nice 3. place (yes, wrong picture..) – not bad even though Addvisors usually takes the 1st place… 😉

This year Addvisors has 2 teams playing – MP & Thomas and Danial & Andreas.

In fact they are playing right now, so maybe I should stop blogging and get out and give the guys some support like the others from the Addvisors crew…  cu soon guys..  😉

Denmark vs. Poland

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DAMN, what a fight… 2×5 minutes extra and no winner… so Jens will get some more for his money… 2×5 minutes extra extra… 😉

AND OUT OF LUCK…  Poland is in the final…

Denmark is today playing the semi-final again Poland at World Championship in Handball – and moving into extra time just now! 26-26 in ordinary time..
And Jens Olesen, Addvisors Hamburg CEO, is again to be found in the Hamburg Arena supporting the Danish team – Jens managed to buy tickets at a good price for this semi-final and also for the quarter-final…  and he was even a ‘TV-star’ at the quarters..  😉

Buakaw Por. Pramuk will enter the ring on 5th February in K-1 WORLD MAX 2007 -Japan Tournament. Tsogto “SHINOBU” Amara will be the unlucky man to meet Buakaw in the  tournaments Super Fight… its going to be great to see Buakaw again…  his energy, super  hard kicks and great boxing skills!