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Enjoy these incredibly scenes with Buakaow – even though the K1 company has changed the rules several times to try to prevent the Thais from winning, Buakaow is till unstoppable – he even outboxed some of the opponents who are specialized boxers and Buakaow is foremost a great kicker – the best in K1?… I think so!
Watch the way he controls the fight!

Drago gets a lesson – and he’s not a bad fighter!

Souwer gets payed back for getting (it looked like a gift!) the win last year – this year Buakaow made sure no Japanese referees could be mistaken…

WCU Kickoff Party

January 13th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Friends | FUN | Sport | Ultimate - (0 Comments)

Thanx for a great WCU Kickoff Party – I’m sure we’ll manage to make this an even better and bigger tournament than last year! To imagine 1000 Ultimate players in CPH feels good!
And I do also have a couple of shots from the party…. No Ultimate party without beer drinking contest from a Frisbee…

Way to go girl!

And finished in 40 secs – not bad!
And the boys in the back looked pretty impressed… 😉

TOO slow to beat a girl!

Germany VS Canada

And the finish….

Canada did beat Germany (the beer country), but NONE of them could beat the girl – wussies…

Papa-Thor and Jonatan

Mattias and Melbye taking it easy…

Been invited to the official WCU kickoff party – the kickoff for the thoughest and biggest outdoor Ultimate tournament in Copenhagen 4-6th May 2007!
Gonna be great to see a good bunch of my old ultimate-friends – and meet some new ones…

WCU07 in May

January 7th, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen | Sport | Ultimate - (0 Comments)

Oh yes, the best, thoughest and biggest outdoor Ultimate (Frisbee) tournament is here in Copenhagen again and its in the month of May – WCU07 is 4-6th May 2007.
Join the tournament as one of more than 700 Ultimate players or join me on the side watching probably the best Ultimate you can find in Europe – this year is also going to be a blast!

Yes, its true – after not been fighting for several years and not fighting at K1 since 2002, Nicholas Pettas started fighting again this fall – and after several wins Nicholas has been invited to fight at the K1 PREMIUM2006 Dynamite!! on 31st December 2006. Nicholas will meet the bad boy Badr Hari – a tough fighter who recently lost to one of my favorite Ruslan Karaev of Russia…

Crocop rules!

November 1st, 2006 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Sport - (0 Comments)

YouTube is a great place for all the best clips of Crocop fights – and a lots of background!
And a great win like the one over Remy Bonjasky