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Gmail email phishing

June 9th, 2011 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Tech - (0 Comments)

Beware of a new attempt of Gmail email phishing

I just got an email with this text:

The Rebranding of Affiliate Google Web Browser has been much talk about how affiliate software fits into the overall Google advertising and marketing industry. Google will be deleting some account so as to reduce the number of registered Account on the New Affiliated Google Web Browser. Please help us with the affiliation process by confirming your login details below so as to make a correspondence with the saved data on our system.

Full Name:

Birth Date:
Registered Year:

Warning: Your Account will be deleted and shut down permanently if you failed to provide the details above. Gmail will not be heard responsible for your negligence.

Thanks for your support.
Gmail Account Team.

It might not be the best English ever seen, but the last warning might scare some people into replying…
Dont answer!

Google decided to make a cool video showing how fast Google Chrome is compared to a potato, the sound and the lightning…

Yes, as you can see below Chrome is winning against those 3!

But it didnt take Norwegian browser Opera much time to “reply” with a even cooler and more funny video – DAMN, Opera is just soooo much faster than cooking a potato!

Changing from iPhone to Google Nexus One (and the Android platform) was also a change away from the Twitter App on iPhone to some new Twitter app..

I wont say that I found the perfect Twitter App for Google Nexus One, but I do think Seesmic is a quite good choice.
Btw I still use TweetDeck for my Laptop.

Google has now decided to take the best from Google Ad Manager, feedback from users and DoubleClick’s publisher technology and combine it into DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers).

DFP comes in 2 versions – the free DFP for Small Business which takes over from Google Ad Manger and the DoubleClick for Publishers Premium Solution, which will not be for free.
The DFP Premium Solutions should have some extra advanced features and it takes over when the publishers has more than 90M ad impressions per month.

Google will do the upgrading to DPF over the next weeks and I’m really looking forward to see the new feautures and flow – to be honest I was happy using Ad Manager for free, but the flow was so inferior to for example the Danish Emediate (which comes with a price tag).
More to come when “I” have been upgraded..

3 weeks with Google Nexus One

February 9th, 2010 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Tech - (6 Comments)

I have now been using a Google Nexus One in Denmark (thanx to my friend Per Klixbüll) for around 3 weeks and I’m a happy Nexus One user.

To make it easy I can put it like this…


  • Open standard – nice Apps in the Apps Market
  • Works better with the Google Apps I use so much…  (and it should..)
  • Better camera
  • Faster
  • NO fxxx iTunes – just move your music and other kind of files…

Miss (from iPhone):

  • Facebook App -  the Android version plain sucks
  • A good Twitter App… – no really good one…

So I guess I’ll be ok for now…

Bing is still growing!

January 16th, 2010 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business | Tech - (2 Comments)

It seems like Microsoft did something better than before when they decided to launch the search engine Bing.
All the way since the launch in late May 2009 Bing has seen an increase in their share of the search market and the month of December in US was not different.

comScore reports that Bing in December went up 0,4% to 10,7%, but Google is still the BIG one adding 0,1% which makes Google take a massive 65,7% of the US search market. In the same period Yahoo went down 0,2% to 17,3%, but the really interesting part about it is that Yahoo+Bing is at more than 25% procent (28%), so for a US PPC campaign you really have a big chunk of extra traffic to gain from also using them…  not really the same in Denmark where Yahoo+Bing might add 3% on a very good day…  😉

Personally I really like that Bing is growing, not because its Microsoft or..  but simply because I hope at some point that we’ll see Google massive position as the clear number 1 in search shaken just a bit – some competition would be really good!

I want a Google Nexus One

January 6th, 2010 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Tech - (0 Comments)

Now I think it’s time to go for an Android powered phone and the Google Nexus One looks pretty good.

I must admit I really like my iPhone – using it so much and we’re taking about the iPhone 1. generation… but now it must be time to switch to something faster (and I did consider the iPhone 3Gs – looked great!) and it’s not gonna be an iPhone because I do HATE that teh Apple iPhone OS is a closed system and that it’s not born with “a drag and drop your files and music interface”  – iTunes sucks, especially for phones not bought by the official channels..  and upgrading isnt too difficult, but it does take quite some time.. would love to get rid of iTunes!

So now I’m looking at this new and FAST Android phone Google Nexus One – I might get one pretty soon..

It has been a great pleasure working for 23 Company up to the  launch of  the 23 Video platform and of course also at the launch May 13th – a launch with more than 200 guests, clients and partners in the old Danish Radio House – such a blast!
Not working directly for 23 and 23 Video anymore it was just natural for me (and Addvisors Vilnius) to talk with 23 Video about getting Addvisors Vilnius to be an official 23 Video partner helping clients build super WEBTV solutions on the state of art 23 Video platform.

Check out one of the really cool user/clients of the 23 Video platform.

Dont hesitate contacting me or Addvisors Vilnius if you want to know more…

Get the new Skype 4.0 now

February 8th, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Tech - (0 Comments)

Dear friends!

Please get the Skype 4.0 now so we both can enjoy the upgraded quality when we talk next time!


Blogging from my iPhone

November 29th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in iPhone | Tech - (0 Comments)

Sorry my childish joy, but after I upgraded my iPhone I’m amazed by the amount and quality of the iPhone Apps – this post is written in the WordPress App and it really works smooth!