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Woo makes nice food

December 15th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel - (0 Comments)

Woo (in Vilnius) is really a nice place to go for some lunch  – nice and spicy asian inspired food – not bad at all! 😉

And in the evening they do throw some nice parties, too.

Always nice being out travelling and Las Vegas and the conference PubCon on SEM was just great, but is also nice being back again – even though Denmark is cold (they even predict snow tomorrow) and I’m still a bit jetlagged..
Over the next weeks there will be more here about PubCon, SEO, SEM, SearchBash by WebmasterRadio.FM and much more from Vegas! (but now I need to sleep…)

Really good being back at PubCon again (I wasn’t at PubCon last year) and seeing it still being full of great sessions on SEO, PPC, tracking/analytics, social media and link building and and and…  its really difficult for me to point out one session being much better than another, but I must say that the link buying session where Google’s Matt Cutts were listning was a hit – YES, you can still buy links and get some link juice from it….  its just about how you do it…  😉

I will not be going into any details about some of the ‘findings’ and news in this post, but it will certainly come in some of my future posts – either here or on a blog on my future company site…  ouch, did I really tell that I will start a new company doing SEO, PPC and tracking?  😉  yes, something will happen from December 1st 2008 when I again can do that kind of business in Denmark without violation the contract with…  but it will not be another Addvisors DK and mobile will also be included…
And I’m really looking forward to start working on some of the interesting SEO projects that has been offered me, but I have turned down for present time…  I feel like a kid waiting for December.,.  😉
More to come..

Saturday its time to head for the yearly ´PubCon Search Marketing Conferences in Las Vegas – I’m looking forward to 4 days full SEO, PPC, Tracking, Viral and and and inspiration!

Pik-Nik, I wont eat that…

October 18th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in FUN | Travel - (1 Comments)

To all Danes…  would you ever eat a Pik-Nik..  its with cheese taste…

( I found this commercial on my way to Vilnius…  seems like they eat Pik-Nik there…)

And for my foreign friends…  a bit of Google Translate

Wow…  I’ve been to Vilnius quite a lot of time… seen a lot there and around, but it was first last Saturday that I ever was up in the Vilnius TV Tower and I must admit – it was a mistake not to have been there before….   its close to be a must to include it in a visit to Vilnius! What a great view and soo nice sitting with a beer and some food and getting a ‘spin’ over Vilnius.

Pretty impressive from the ground

And what a view from the top of Vilnius TV Tower

Pretty cool with the tower as a shadow…

And another great picture from the top of Vilnius TV Tower

The bar and club scene in Vilnius is very good and when I’m around I like to visit the nice place with my friends, but last weekend made me decide to exclude one – Mojito Naktys.

I don’t mind being told that a club or lounge is full – that happens for all good places once in a while…  but to spend a long time in a line at Mojito Naktys and asking the bouncer politely about the situation, getting told its totally full (even though people are leaving) and that they wont let us in for the next hour or so… and then seeing the bouncers at Mojito Naktys letting their friends in!! That totally sucks Mojito Naktys!!
The cool club Absento FÄ—jos, which are often packed, were also pack last weekend, but at they do a decent way of handling the line – and Michael and I had a great night there.

So when you see this sign in Vilnius – then you know its time to turn around – no idea to waste your time in a line outside Mojito Naktys… just the 5 cents from an ‘angry old man’…  😉
Or at least somebody who knows how to spend his time better…

And yes, there is no much of a line outside Mojito Naktys, because people find out about their bad policy…  just for the friends…

OMD2008 in Düsseldorf

September 21st, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business | Travel - (0 Comments)

OMD2008 was really a cool exhibition – so many companies and such a great vibe! But the day started with a HUGE line….  seems like they just cant figure out how to bring in several thousands of people in a short time..

But in there everything was really good…  meet a lot of people I knew…
And got a beer or two with the boys

Really good seeing you guys – interesting hearing how Traceworks are expanding!!!

OMD is known for making one of the biggest Online Marketing exhibition in Europe and all the people are professionels, which means no consumers hunting branded stuff like bags, cups and t-shirts…  but check out these kids hunting branded stuff…  seems like they had a good catch…  😉

This morning I was up way to early . needed to be in the Vilnius airport for a 05.30 morning plane to Dusseldorf, Germany, with a stop in Riga…  puuuuh…  but fortunately I was able to sleep in the plane..  😉
Arriving in Duseeldorf I just dropped my suitcase at the hotel and then it was off to the OMD (Online Marketing Dusseldorf) exhibition – a huge online marketing exhibition in Dusseldorf which I have been at 2 times before – first time to check the exhibition and the year after as advertisor with Addvisors Hamburg.
Not long ago after I entered OMD I found the TraceWorks boys…..  more to come!

But I can tell that OMD is really intersting, also this year…

Skaiste and I decided Thursday to support Georgia by buying Georgian Spring Water ‘Borjomi’ instead of local spring water – and it did in fact taste really nice…  not that I’m any expert of spring water…  😉
Skaiste bought a special on with lots of salt in…  I kept to the normal no gass…