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Cigar-clubbing in Vilnius

September 11th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel - (0 Comments)

Tuesday evening I went cigar-clubbing in Vilnius with my friend Domas and Jurgio aka George.
Domas and George picked me up for some food at the nice place Rene – Belgium heavy food for men and a couple of their strong beers…  nice, but not something you could do everyday..  the food was delicious, but too fat for everyday…
Afterwards Jurgio suggested that we went to a new cigar club that was about to open, but we could get in anyway, so…  I dont smoke anything, not even a good cigar, but when I heard about a good selection of Calvados and a couple of Single Malts I was rather easy to persuade…
The cigar club was really really nice and the service was competent and servicemindend – situated in the old town of Vilnius it was of course in one of the old house…  so cool!
And George told me that we will also be able to use a room there for a small private poker session…  just between friends..  not bad at all…  need to test it sometimes in he future….

The cigars are being lit by our chef while George is enjoying the nice cellar room we’re in..

And Domas is showing how to enjoy a cigar the gangster style

Sitting with a beer and some good friends in Old Town of Vilnius I saw my first bicycle bar – in Vilnius its called Velobar – nice idea, even though I dont really like making the connection between beer drinking and manual labour….

The Velobar in Vilnius
Velobar in Vilnius

Bo also liked the idea of a bicycle-bar – the Velobar in Vilnius
Bo also likes Velobar in Vilnius
To be honest I dont know if its the bicycle-bar concept that Velobar has or its the girl dancing in front that Bo likes the most..  I guess it the overall concept…  😉

And yes my friends, next time we hit Vilnius I can of course get Domas or Giena to order us this bar + we need to try these Segways…

On my visit in Visaginas (op north east in Lithuania) I saw a lot of great nature, but I did also do some seightsightseeing in the town…  what really amazed me was how the town was sort of situated in the forrest…  so forrest in between the different areas of the town, and with forrest I dont mean those planted alleys and parks, but forrest that was there before Visaginas!
But Vigaginas did also have some bars and a couple of restaurants – and one place caught my attention – this place they sell Carlsberg, but people should please leave their Guns and Bombs outside…  it reminds me a bit of Copenhagen, here we cant bring SoftIce into the busses….  😉

Carlsberg, but no Guns and Bombs please…
Carlsberg, but no Guns and Bombs

Thanx Lasse for visiting us in Vilnius – and a big thanx for leaving this great present behind on the hotel – A Tie Pin of Amber
You really shouldnt have done it…  (I really mean it..  😉  )

An Amber Tie Pin from Vilnius
An Amber Tie Pin from Lasse

Back at the office from 10 nice days in Lithuania, so now its time again for some blogging.

Been at the Addvisors Vilnius office – soon there will be an Addvisors Riga office!

In 1.Q consult we had a boardmeeting where CEO Thomas Rønlev showed us some big and interesting clients using our services and some big coming in soon – more on this later…

And then I used whole last week up in Visaginas with my girlfriend visiting her parents – Visaginas is the Lithuanian town up north with the Nuclear Power Plant ( Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant) providing most of the Lithuanian electricity and with a great area of forest of lakes – a really beautiful area…  and yes, I did swim several times in these clean lakes…..

As some of you might remember Thomas Sørensen and I did have a very bad experience at Wild Orchid Villa in April 2007, and now the new manager Jackie at Wild Orchid Villa has been commenting on of my blog post and invited me to try them out again – new manager, new staff and renovation of the rooms – certainly interesting.

I’m not planning for Thailand or Bangkok within the next months, but sometimes in the fall or maybe in spring 2009…  anyway I’m pretty sure I will give it a try, especially now that Jackie is writing me like this.
(wondering if I should say ‘hello’ or not…  – anyway got some months to thing about that..)

Lithuanian toilet manual!

June 15th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in FUN | Travel - (0 Comments)

I’m not really sure who’s the target group of this Lithuanian toilet manual I found last time I was in Vilnius – is it for the local Lithuanians who doesnt get that kind of ‘education’ at home or is it us foreigners who doesnt know how to behave at a toilet??
When you look at a lot of toilets around the world it seems like its a good idea with a toilet manual…  and judging by the people in some bars, somebody should have shown them this Lithuanian toilet manual…  NO, you’re not supposed to deposit your brain in the toilet….  😉
And NO fishing!!!

Lithuanian Toilet Manual
Lithuanian Toilet Manual

Back in Copenhagen again and as you might have seen here on the blog… a great vacation without any blogging at all… now I just hope that I can remember all my passwords and that tomorrow (first day at the office – today is Easter day) will not be only email reading and answering…

Bonus info: I did buy an iPhone!!!

Anyway more will follow on the Thailand trip and the iPhone…

Koh Chang

March 6th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel - (2 Comments)

Now its time!!  Leaving for Thailand and Koh Chang tomorrow!!!  and I’m looking sooo much forward to the nice beaches, seafood, sun and diving…..

Will be diving Koh Chang in March

February 18th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Travel - (1 Comments)

Now I finally decided where to go in March…  so its now for sure that I’ll leave for Koh Chang, Thailand, on 7th March and will be back on the 24th… Gonna be so good!